What is Your Posture?


Gratitude not only relates to our present life, but also our past life...

In the Old Testament, gratitude to God was the only condition in which life could be enjoyed. For Jews, every aspect of creation provided evidence of God’s lordship over all life. The Hebrew people thanked Him for the magnificence of the universe. When they received good news, they thanked God for His goodness and great deeds (1 Chr 16:8–12). When they received bad news, they also gave thanks, trusting that He was a just God (Jb 1:21). For the Hebrew people, maintaining an attitude of gratitude was a lifestyle. It wasn't so much a choice as it was an integrative part of their lives. The Bible tells us that they participated in thank offerings which were given to the priest to be offered up to God as a continual sacrifice. Thank offerings were a part of celebrations and festivities where people would gather together to support a particular cause.

This teaches us that gratitude and thankfulness is beyond a feeling, it's a posture. 

It is a posture that should be a part of our everyday lives!

So often we go to God when things are going poorly in our lives. We plea and cry out to Him in hopes that in that moment, He will show us mercy and grace. Other times, we go to God to appease our wants. We spell off a long list of desires, hoping He will grant us our requests.

But how often do we simply go to God to give thanks? How often do we purposefully set aside time to simply say "Thank-you Lord"? In our times of prayer, how long do we spend expressing gratitude alone?

I believe there are key lifestyle components to which makes every Christian a Believer. A lifestyle of worship is certainly one of those key components! But even within this, we should maintain a posture of gratitude because as gratitude and thankfulness fills our heart and mind, we become increasingly aware of God’s lordship over creation, our life circumstances and over our relationship with Him.

Our posture of gratitude is a part of our worship to the Father. He sees it. He hears it. And He rewards it.

Let your posture become one that is pleasing to Him. May it become an integrative part of your worship. May it become a sweet smelling fragrance unto the Lord. May it be the condition in which you enjoy your everyday life!