Your Steps are Ordered


I had a pivotal moment recently, where I felt as though I had finally hit rock bottom. My world was crashing down and I was forced to confront the most fundamental question to which we are all in search of; “Why am I here and what is my purpose?”

Whether or not we’re conscious of it, we are all looking for ways we can add value to our own lives and to the lives of others. This inquiry comes from a yearning to know our purpose and calling. Without this knowing, we are like a ship without a sail; we cannot move, we’re stagnant and ineffective. I've often wondered, What quality of life am I living without knowing my purpose? And how am I demonstrating the fullness of God without walking in my calling?

I was working at a job that was extremely frustrating. I couldn't move up the ladder, and I couldn't move out of the job itself. I had applied to several positions outside of the company, but each one was met with a closed door. I attempted to go back to school in hopes to further my education, but every application was met with rejection.

I was stuck.

I was ineffective.

I was desperate.

Have you ever had a real moment with God? You know, those times when you aren't praying the most dignified prayer, tears are running down your face and your heart is racing... You don't care how you sound or what you look like. All you know is that you are having a very real, honest moment with God.

“I can't do this anymore! Don't you see I’m doing my part? I’m taking care of my family, and I'm serving in ministry. I'm reading Your Word and trying my best to walk in obedience. But I can't take it anymore. I return to work week after week empty and resentful. Is this it for me God? Is this my life? Because I NEED MORE!"

Broken, empty and undone; I needed the Lord to intervene!

I got an attitude about my life, and I became very intentional about positioning myself for discovery. I hid myself away for a few days as I fasted and prayed.

And boy did my Father answer!

He showed me exactly what I am called to, and proved how every one of my steps were in order from the beginning of time. Things that didn't quite make sense, made perfect sense, in hindsight. Every one of my steps were ordered and came together so beautifully.

But isn't that like God? He puts us in a position where we may not necessarily understand the purpose to everything, but He is always with us, ordering our steps along the way. And as He orders our steps, He ensures that EVERYTHING works out in our favour for His greater purpose!

I learned that we are all born for a reason, and that we were made to fulfill God’s greater plan. Whether or not we are a stay-at-home mom, CEO of our own company, or working frontline at our jobs; God created us and implanted within us this treasure- our purpose and our calling. It is our duty to place ourselves in the position to discover it, and to walk in it.

Even when I am broken and undone, I am encouraged because it's not over! The Lord is interested in the details of my life and He is committed to ordering every one of my steps to fulfill His purpose.

 “The LORD directs the steps of the godly. He delights in every detail of their lives (Psalm 37:23 NLT).”