A Christmas Gift For You


Christmas is quickly approaching and many are focused on decorating and completing their Christmas shopping lists. The commercialization of Christmas and the pressure to buy those perfect gifts can cause unneeded stress and even debt for some. Christmas would not be Christmas for most people without gifts. Gift giving brings joy to hearts of children and adults and the majority of people love receiving gifts. Others believe that Christmas should not be about gifts at all. Their focus is on family, friends, and the miraculous birth of Jesus Christ. While all of these are important aspects of Christmas, material gifts are central to the season, yet, that should not be the main focus. We know there is significance in the gifts that were brought to Jesus upon his arrival to the earth.

The nativity scene is also central to the Christmas season. Some choose to focus on the Virgin Mary, the birth of Jesus and what a miracle that was. We cannot allow the meaning of Christmas to become commonplace tradition.

The significance and meaning of His birth is extremely weighty in the gospel we believe in. Why was He born to a virgin, and why did he come to earth so humbly? It was all a part of God’s redeeming plan.


The most important gift ever given is from God and it is not a materialistic one. It is the gift of Salvation! The core message of Christmas is that God gave to us! For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life” (John 3:16). When God blessed Mary with baby Jesus; the cross was already in sight.


The free gift of salvation is the true meaning of Christmas and is God’s greatest gift to humanity.

This Christmas, reflect on what the gift of salvation has meant for your life? How does it shape the way you enjoy this season?

 Even though Christmas isn’t the only time we should be reminded of Christ, it gives us a precious opportunity to draw our focus on Him.

You may be filled with joy while shopping and giving gifts during the holidays, but this Christmas take some time to receive from God.

If you have not already done so receive the gift of salvation. If you have received this gift, learn to walk in all that gift has to offer. Receive that gift of grace, love, His presence, and His freedom in your life today.

If you do not receive even one other gift this Christmas, know that God’s gift is all that you need.