Walk Worthy of the Call


One of my greatest struggles was in trying to figure out what God had called me to. The reason for my existence- I had no clue what that entailed! I mean, I knew that I was special and unique, but I didn't know what that meant in relation to God's expectation for my life. I remember growing up and always being told after reading a scripture publically or reciting an essay, "Wow, you're such a great speaker Monique. And to think, I always thought you were shy!" Or, after someone had just prayed with me they would utter, "there is such a powerful anointing on your life."

That was great and all, but what exactly did that mean? As a 12 and 16 year old girl, that meant nothing! But as a 27 year old woman, it exonerated absolute confusion and complete frustration!

But looking back now, I realize the more time I spent with the Lord, the more I was inclined to hear His voice. This meant, I was able to understand His will. And His will for all of us, including myself, is to firstly embrace that we are called.

From conception to birth, God was busy creating our frame, coding within us our inherent gifts and talents, and depositing within us a treasure.

“But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellence of the power may be of God and not of us (2 Corinthians 4:7 NKJV).”

This treasure is our call or purpose.

Now, when I say the call, I mean one’s purpose- the reason why we exist on Earth.

God is amazing because He has blessed us all with different gifts and talents. It's what makes us unique! It's what makes me who I am, and you, who you are!

But what often happens, we fail to realize these gifts are deposits to fuel the call.

This is why knowing our purpose is so important!

I believe there is no greater fulfillment in life than to be using our God given gifts in service to others. It might be through teaching, speaking, writing, or even designing. In whatever way it plays out for you, that is your purpose!

Girl, I don't want you to struggle in the same way I did. On your journey, right where you are ask God to reveal to you what He has called you to. And then ask Him to give you the grace to honour it by walking worthy of the call. Because it's one thing to know your call, but it's a whole other thing to stay true to the call. It's what sets one girl apart from the other!

I get it. Between work, school, family and social media; I know, there are way too many distractions! I get it. But listen...

Distractions derail us from where God wants us to be!

Our ability to stay true to our purpose lays in our ability to stay true to God.

Staying true to God means we set our hearts on the One who does the calling; Jesus Christ.

This is where it all begins.

It's a heart matter.

Jesus not only blesses us with the calling, but He also empowers us to fulfill the call through our gifts.

So how do we stay true to our purpose? What does it mean to walk worthy of the call?

Walking worthy of the call is to:

  • Embrace the gifts and talents that God has specifically designed for you!
  • Study your gift- Always be in pursuit of becoming better. Don't ever make the mistake of thinking you've arrived. Rather, be on watch- looking for ways and ideas on how you can grow and mature in your calling.
  • Be integral- Don't do anything behind closed doors that you wouldn't do before people. Anything done in darkness always comes to light! Rather, live out who YOU were DESIGNED to be...even when no one is looking.

Let's face it, God does most of the work; He calls and He empowers, all to establish us in our purpose. Our job is to simply stay true to it.

You are worth it, and your gift is worth it! Together, let's walk worthy of the call!