From Turmoil to Peace


Have you ever experienced fear, frustration, anger, depression, or anxiety? At different times in my life, I have experienced all of these, and sometimes all at once!

On one occasion, in my early twenties, a friend of mine commented that I was completely fearless. I cannot recall what compelled her to share that thought, however I do remember reflecting on what she said. I mostly agreed. I had no real fears and I would try almost anything. I was pretty bold, outgoing and tried to meet challenges head on. That was until a couple of years later, when fear hit me in the worst way.

I was actually in Bible College at the time, and living at home. I experienced a situation that left me gripped by the spirit of fear. It was a direct attack of the enemy on my life, and there was nothing I felt I could do to escape it. It was like a dark cloud hanging over my head that I couldn’t seem to get out from under. I tried my best to put my fearless face on, but inside it was killing me. I had zero peace! My sleep was restless, my days were spent looking over my shoulder, and my life was completely interrupted. I prayed, I had other people praying for me, and I was beginning to lose hope.

I was a strong young woman, I had faith in God and I firmly believed the enemy was defeated.

How could this be happening to me?

I turned to the book of Job for comfort. Even through Job’s suffering God was with Him; He never left Him, He was never mad or disappointed in Him; and to my reassurance Job’s peace eventually returned.

There was hope even for me!

I knew right then, if I remained steadfast declaring God’s deliverance over my life, this would not last.

I did not have a memorable moment where the fear broke, but it did. I continued to confess peace. And I refused to give in to the voice of fear that seemed to be constantly whispering in my ear.

There was nothing that could have brought me out of this torment other than the power of Jesus Christ.

I had to depend on God’s word, accepting that His desire for my life was peace. I had to receive it and walk in it regardless of how I felt or how things looked.

We all have times in our life where we may be struggling to find peace. Whether you are facing fear, depression, anxiety, loneliness, or grief; the peace of Christ is available to you today.

Are you walking in the peace of Christ in your life?  Let’s discuss ways to make peace a priority in our lives.

  1.   Trust in God and Say No to Fear

(Isaiah 26:3, John 14:27)

When we are living in fear, we are living in turmoil and cannot be at peace. You cannot be terrified of heights and go on the tallest roller coaster and feel confident. It just won’t happen. Fear is a powerful force and it can disguise itself in areas of your life where you don’t even realize. Fear is the opposite of trust. You have to surrender your fears to God and yield to Him. Build a relationship of trust with your Heavenly Father. He will not steer you wrong. Cast all of your anxiety on Him and learn to walk in His peace today.

  1.   Cultivate Peace in your Relationships                                                                                

(Romans 12:18)

You may not be able to control how people treat you or talk about you, but there is one thing that you are in control of, and that is you! As long as it depends on YOU, you are to live at peace with others. Forgiveness plays a role in this key to peace. Ask God to help you forgive those who have done wrong to you. Ask God to give you peace so that you can be at peace with others.

  1.   Pursue Peace by Doing Good

(Psalm 34:14)

Within God’s Word there are countless nuggets of truth that can be applied to our everyday mundane situations. We are constantly reminded to love others and put that into practice. Not only does it feel good to help others, it brings glory to God. Christ goes even further to acknowledge the importance of giving to others. He instructs His followers that doing something for the “least of thee” is equal to doing it for Jesus himself.

I encourage you to go to God’s word today concerning peace for your life.

Join the conversation. In which areas do you struggle with most to maintain peace?

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