The Interruption


Everybody has their thing. For some, it's cooking and trying out a new meal. But for me, it's laundry. I love doing laundry. I know, I me crazy, but it's my thing! For some strange reason, laundry doesn't feel like work to me. I don't like cooking, but I do it. I hate cleaning the bathrooms, but it has to be done. Things just have to be done! With all that we have to do as women, sometimes we get caught up, and it makes things harder for us to see the purpose behind our doing. I had a pivotal moment last summer while studying the Word of God. I was so engaged in my studies that I would literally spend hours researching and learning. Every day I had questions and every day God was showing me something new!

One morning, I woke up determined to get all the things I had to do done. I remember saying, 'Ok God I promise, I am going to spend some time with you, but just let me get something to eat real quick'.

I had put on a pot of oatmeal. As it was cooking, I ended up running downstairs to put on a load of laundry. I figured, by the time I was done folding the laundry, I could quickly eat. Laundry would've been partly completed, then I could start my devotions without any distractions.

How many times do we put God on the back burner; claim He is priority in our lives, but fail to live this in every moment? How often do we squeeze Him into our schedule or our own plans feeling confident without even consulting the Author Himself?

For someone that was so eager, I had made my time with Him number 3 on my list to do. By the time I had realized it, I was in a daze and God's Spirit was already speaking to me; downloading new ideas and fresh revelation.

I was folding a pair of socks when distinctly He asked; Monique, what would happen if you allowed me to interrupt what you're doing right now; your plans and your goals? What would happen if you allowed me to interrupt your everyday?

I put down the pair of socks and went right to the Word. Every women that was interrupted by God- Hagar, Mary the mother of Jesus, or even the Woman at the well; the course of their lives were completely changed by His divine interruption.

I got thinking...

What would happen if God interrupted our way of thinking, our attitude and our world view? What would happen if we allowed Him to be interjected into our daily routines, or our religious practices? How different would life be if we allowed Him to impede on our every moment?

On this day, I emulated a woman named Martha of Bethany. The Bible tells us that Jesus came to her house for a visit. She welcomed Him with open arms. After all, it was a privilege to have the man who had been healing the sick and feeding the poor stop over at her house to teach all who would hear. Martha had good intentions; she was purposeful in the cleaning, the cooking and just generally being a good hostess. But like many of us, Martha got caught up in all the doing.

That was my problem, I got caught up in all the doing.

Mary, Martha's sister was the exact opposite. She saw an opportunity like no other- to sit at her Master's feet hanging onto His every word (Luke 10: 39).

We don't know if Jesus' visit was planned; but what we do know is that when He showed up, Mary made room in her schedule. She put aside her to-do list for the interruption and made Jesus her priority.

Martha didn't quite understand this.

But Martha was pulled away by all she had to do in the kitchen... (Luke 10:40 MSG)

With great indignation, Martha questioned the Lord.

"Master, do you not care that my sister has abandoned the kitchen to me?" (Luke 10: 40)

When we allow things, including the routines of life, to pull us away from our time spent with the Lord, it distracts us from God's ultimate purpose. Martha was distracted from what really mattered. In that moment, she missed out on His purpose for being there.

Let's try our best not to get caught up in doing what needs to be done. Even in the most inconvenient times, let's open ourselves up to what God is doing in our every moment. He is the Master of Interruptions because when God interrupts us, He is moving things around and shifting us towards purpose.

We have our plans but God ultimately has the plan. Submit to what He is doing because in the end His plan always prevails!