Are you a team player?

"...In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.” John 16:33

If you are married then you know that the honeymoon phase does not last forever. Marriage brings an array of lessons, hurdles and disappointments and so does life. Married or not, trials will come.

Life has a way of throwing things our way when we least expect it. No one is immune to life lessons. You may not be able to control the circumstances that come your way but you can control the way you handle it; and your attitude in it. 

Tough times have the potential to derail your relationship by getting you off focus and impairing your ability to love one another. 

There are many things that can come between a husband and wife. We must be vigilant to protect our marriages. 

Financial strain, death of a loved one, a sick child, work related stress, burnout, and the list goes on.  There are so many things that can have an impact on your marriage but it is up to you whether that impact will be positive or negative. 

You can decide that no matter what comes your way you will not allow it to weaken your marriage. 

My husband and I have had several situations that could have come between us since we have started our journey together.

We have had to be intentional about how we approach tough times. 

One of the best ways we have found to tackle tough times is to pray together. We pray for each other and we pray about the situation. We approach the enemy of our lives united. Hand in hand and as a team.

We put our game faces on and we remind ourselves that we are in this together. 

You and your spouse are on the same team! Don't fight each other! Fight the problem, fight the urge to get frustrated, fight fear and fight the desire to give up. 

You must work together to oppose the opposition, come up with a game plan and cheer each other on.

A successful team learns to communicate effectively, stay on the same page and have each others back.  No matter the outcome, you don't blame, point fingers or criticize your teammate. 

It takes time for a team to get to know each other, trust each other and work well together. A marriage is no different. It takes time. 

"And the two will become one flesh. So they are no longer two, but one flesh.” Mark 10:8

How can you implement a team mentality in your marriage? If you are not married how do you think you can prepare yourself to be a united team member with your future spouse?

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