Discerning the Will of God

I wrote in an earlier post on the importance of discerning the will of God as it relates to our God-given vision. Truth is, if we knew the precise will of God for every decision we were faced with, it would prevent a whole lot of heartache, pain and confusion in our lives. Can I get an amen?!?

The fact of the matter is we can only know the will of God if we are tapping into our supernatural ability to know- that is, our spiritual discernment. 

I often like to compare this gift to that of a compass.

In life, it helps us to orient ourselves, navigate and it directs us towards a specific destination. The main purpose is to tell you and I what direction we are heading to at all times and it prevents us from getting lost.

Let's take a closer look at this:


1. Orientation: Our spiritual discernment helps us find our position in relation to new or strange surroundings. When looking at your God-given vision, are you on route or off course? How close or how far are you from attaining a goal that will lead you towards another accomplishment? What is your positioning in relation to the vision?

2. Navigation: Ever feel torn between two different places? Uncertain about your next move in life? Our spiritual discernment will help us plan the next course of action. Ask yourself, does the route call you to put your faith into action? Will it compliment your overarching goal? What's one step you can take today that will move you closer to becoming who God designed you to be as it relates to your call?

3. Direction: Our spiritual discernment will direct our path. For this to happen, we need to give up our need to control...anything! Keep this in mind, God can't lead you if you are insisting on being in the driver's seat. So be a passenger, surrender your need to control the operations of the idea, the seed or the vision. Only then will we know God's best for our lives. Now ask yourself, in what ways or in which areas do I need to surrender to God?

Hearing and knowing the voice of God is one of our most powerful weapons we have as believers. It is what gives us our spiritual discernment, and it is through this lens that we ought to approach life. Uncover God's truth for your God-given vision by using your spiritual insight today!

Monique Chambers