I Choose Life

When my (now) husband and I became serious while dating, we often would say "Lord, would you allow us to see 100 years before we pass?"

We were young and in love and the number 100 seemed so far away. Really, it was our way of asking God for long life with each other. 


It's one of those things that waits on no one. You either get with it or get left behind! Because regardless of where you stand, time progresses. Knowing this, I've learned to accept people and things that bring joy and peace into my life. I've learned to declutter; weeding out all negativity while welcoming everything beautiful. 


But as I age, I'm also recognizing the importance of discovering the person God designed you and I to be and what He orchestrated for us to do.  I cannot believe how many years I've spent trying to figure out who Monique truly is. Not the person people want me to be, but the real person hiding on the inside that only God intimately knows. The girl that sympathizes when people are hurting, the one that cries at commercials and anything sob-worthy on television; the girl that has big dreams and goals...

I'm talking about her.

Have you ever looked into the mirror and asked yourself, who am I and why am I here? 

Failing to ask ourselves these questions could leave us staring at life through a blurred window. 

I just cannot imagine growing old with my husband, looking back into that same mirror wondering who that girl was suppose to be this whole time, because I had refused to take the time to get to know who she was. Or worst, I can't imagine still questioning what she was assigned to do so late in life, as if my window of time was over. And what a disservice it would be to my husband- to be doing life with him, failing to present the best version of myself because I refused to invest the time in getting to know that girl.

What disappointment, what regret, what sadness would fill my heart.

I have found, the earlier you find her- that girl inside of us, the easier and more clearer life suddenly becomes. 
— Monique Chambers


Gone are those days wondering the what and the why. And gone are the days of endless cycling. 

Exactly 1 year ago, I chose to pursue God in pursuit of my identity and purpose in Him. And can I tell you, it was the best invested time of my life! Life should not be filled with regret. We should be filling our lives with purpose!

And so today I choose to be here; present and alive. This means, I accept and welcome all that is good (James 1:17); and I reject everything contrary God's will for my life. 

The things that make me happy- I choose.

To serve others- I choose.

To be alive- I choose.

I choose God's will for my life.

Today, what do you choose?