Learning to Trust God

I am learning to trust God. Why? Because as a ministry leader, I’m coming out of a season where I have found serving to be so challenging. Maybe I’m the only one, but I often find difficulty in finding balance between serving wholeheartedly and not feeling drained.

Let’s face it, I’ve needed to find my happy place for a very long time now. And in response to my frustration, I held back.

I decided that I was not going to put my family and my marriage through what I faced as a child. So I went into self-protection mode, thinking I was doing the right thing. Boy was I wrong! The Lord showed me, I was not only holding back from my church family, but I was holding back from Him. In doing so, I was failing to trust God. I was totally relying on my own strength and not resting in His! This is why I am learning to trust God.

Learning to Trust God Means... 

We recognize His Sovereignty. God can do and will do whatever He wants, and whenever He wants because in Him all things exist, consist and are held together by Him. (Colossians 1:16-17). He is the invisible God who holds the universe together. He is the One who keeps the waters of the earth in perfect balance. Yet, is the same God whose work in our personal lives are very real and detailed; reminding us that He is a great big personally loving God. 

We recognize His love for us. Daily we ought to be reminded that God’s master plan included the redemption of our sins. He created a solution for humanity by sending His one and only son to pay a price we should have paid ourselves. Every time we sin and do wrong, let it be a reminder that it is for this reason Christ died. We no longer have to live our lives with our head held down or chained to our problems. But that in Him there is love- a love that knows no boundaries. And it is a love that is for us. God is love and He is for us, not against us!

In response to His love, we take risks. Moment by moment, we choose to live by faith. Which means, we move out from our comfort zone. We move out from that which is familiar and we move into the realm of faith. Plainly put, we move into the realm of possibility! This is exciting because with God ALL things are possible (Matthew 19:26)!

We trust God when we recognize that He is the Great I Am- anything and everything we need Him to be- He is; when we recognize His love for us in our personal lives daily, and when we choose to come out from what we know- from our familiar territories to living in the realm of faith. When we do this, we are trusting God.

In my journey, God has shown me that without walking out my trust in Him, I only penalize myself by withholding the release of His blessing over my life. Friends, learn from my mistake. Don’t put yourself in a place of vulnerability before the enemy. Safeguard yourself and your family by trusting God. He’s got your back, just trust Him.