Lessons from the Pulpit: Plug into the Power Source

I once heard a man say, "If Jesus was to visit some of our churches today, we'd have to give Him an orientation. We'd have to explain to Him what an usher is, why we have a board of directors, and get Him acquainted with our Sunday morning program; our 4 songs, prayer, offering and sermon..." I bursted out laughing when I heard this because really, a lot of what we do is out of religion not out of necessity. While this post is not intended to critique the church- because I do understand the need for some of our programs as it relates to the day in age we live in; I really want to get into the condition of the heart for those of us who serve in ministry.

Firstly, when I think about Jesus, I think about a man who was always about His Father's business (Luke 2:49).  For Him, God was a priority. Numerous times in scripture we see Jesus isolating Himself from the regular rhythms of life to spend time in the presence of God (Matthew 14:13Mark 1:35Mark 6:45-46Mark 14:32-34Luke 4:42Luke 5:16Luke 6:12Luke 9:18John 6:15). Carving out a space in our daily schedules for silence and solitude with the Father is important, as Jesus urges us to pray alone at times, “When you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen (Matthew 6:6a)." 

Now silence and solitude might feel uncomfortable at first, especially when we turn on the news in the morning or at night and all we see is doom and gloom. Truth is, silence and solitude is a form of meditation. And what meditation is, is time spent orientating our hearts and minds towards a specific thought or ideal. Studies show that people who take the time to meditate throughout their day are happier; living fuller intentional lives, then those who do not. Given this definition, why would we not orient our hearts and minds towards our Source; not just once or twice, but right throughout our day? Especially first thing in the morning.

Today, I name God the Father our Source, because when we look at the life of Jesus and how effective He was right through out His day, the Bible tells us that on His way, miracles were happening! He may have had an intended assignment but on His way to His destination, a woman with an issue of blood was healed (Matt 9:20-22); and on another occasion, 10 lepers were healed and transformed (Luke 17: 12- 16a). I could go on and on but the fact of the matter remains, Jesus was plugged into His power source- His Heavenly Father, which made Him as effective as He was. 

How incredible would it be if we were regularly plugged into our Power Source, which would enable God's power to move through us on our way to our intended assignments? Could you imagine the kinds of testimonies that would arise from others as we position ourselves for those unintended stops and assignments?

You see, Jesus had insight. He knew that if He was going to make a mark on this earth, and if He was going to prove Himself to be The Way, The Truth and The Light, He would have to be plugged into His Source.

As believers, the only outlet we have today is in Jesus Christ. It is through Him that we have access to the Source. I challenge you to plug into Him daily- and right throughout your day, to retrieve the kind of 'God power' you will need to make a mark on this earth and within your ministry. Let the Source recharge, refuel and renew your passion for what ministry is truly about. 

Stay tuned for next week's blog article on part two of Lessons from the Pulpit.