Meet Rochelle

On today's blog, Rochelle will answer some questions that I have compiled for her in order for you to get to know her on a more personal level. I hope you enjoy reading her answers as much as I did 😉.

Rochelle, what is your most enjoyed food?
I love love love dark chocolate. I don’t eat refined sugar or cane sugar so my options are limited. I usually make my own or buy Zazubeen dark.

What scripture has impacted you the most?

Romans 1:16 and Romans 8:28
I started following Jesus in my teens and I was determined to live boldly and holy. This scripture was a daily reminder that I need not be shy about who I live for and what I stood for.
"For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes..."
My twenties were challenging but I leaned on God, trusting that He would work it out. This scripture brought me great encouragement.
"And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose"

What is your most enjoyable childhood memory?
My dad used to take us on hikes in the woods and they were so exciting! He challenged me to climb up big hills, cross creeks by walking across logs and push past my fears. It was so fun!

What is your favourite animal?

I love those strange yet unique sea creatures you see on discovery shows. They remind me of the greatness of God.

What is your favourite colour?
I have pretty much loved purple since I was a child.

Rochelle, if you didn’t have to sleep, what would you do with the extra time?

I would probably clean my house, prep food, read books. All the things I try to do after my children go to sleep but never have enough time for before I need to get to bed. 

What hobby would you get into if time and money weren’t an issue?

Bodybuilding. Not like the super intense tan and oil yourself up kind. More like an intense weight training routine.

What job would you be terrible at?

Oh gosh, I don't know. I am not good at so many things. 😆 Anything artistic for sure. Anything where I have to sit still and focus for long periods of time. Anything where I would have to deal with people's bodily fluids. The list could go on...

When was the last time you climbed a tree?

Hmmm. Probably before I had kids. And I'm sure when they are older I will climb with them. On second thought, I have had a couple good falls out of trees so maybe I'm getting too old for that. 😉

Are you usually early or late?

Usually right on time.

What’s something you like to do the old-fashioned way?

I prefer to go natural when it comes to most things. I guess I like childbirth the old fashioned way. Both my babies were planned home births with a midwife.

What was the best book or series that you’ve ever read?

I don't have a favourite in particular. If I don't love what I am reading I usually put it down and move on to something else, but I do love to read.

What’s your dream car?

I used to think I wanted a Porsche but now my dream car would be a souped up minivan that is great on gas lol

What’s worth spending more on to get the best?

Food for sure. Organic, farm fresh, preservative/pesticide free, fair trade. These are all very important to me. You get what you pay for. I try and stay away from processed foods as much as possible.

What is something that a ton of people are obsessed with but you just don’t get the point of?


Where is the most relaxing place you’ve ever been?

I always feel so relaxed when I am up North at a cottage. I absolutely love sitting at the end of the dock when the sun is setting and the water is still.

What is the luckiest thing that has happened to you?

My husband and I won a wedding package worth 10,000 at a wedding show. The story is actually incredible of how it happened.

What are you looking forward to in the coming months?

My daughter becoming less of a cranky pants. She's 6 months and has been quite a handful. I'm hoping she gets easier in the months ahead.


What website do you visit most often? 

Google. Its kind of ridiculous how many things I google. I look up recipes, phone numbers, random facts, people, places, reviews. I don't think a day goes by that I don't google something.

What age do you want to live to?

When me and my husband got married we decided we would die together when he reached 100. But that would only put me at 89 and now I'm thinking I want to live to at least 90 so he's gonna have to hold on a bit longer (we can decide these things right? 😉)

Who inspires you to be better?

Jesus and His word.

What is one of your favorite smells?

That fresh early morning dew smell in the springtime lol! I hate perfume, scented candles, etc

What do you regret not doing or starting when you were younger?

I wish someone taught me about opening a long term savings account. I was always so good at saving but only for short term things. I didn't learn about compound interest until a couple years ago.