Meet Monique

Monique grew up in a Christian home in a small town outside of Toronto, Canada. She became a follower of Christ and nurtured her relationship with God from a very young age.  Ministry was especially important to her family’s involvement with the church. She learned lessons on the Bible and was strongly encouraged to read it on her own. Although Monique may have learned the scriptures, she didn’t personalize it and believe it for herself. She didn’t understand that she could take one scripture, believe on it and literally watch it bear fruit in her life.

As time progressed, Monique was burdened with heartache and pain; fear and rejection. She cycled for years with issues around identity and purpose. Then one day, God sent a Word confirming Monique was called to speak and to write; encouraging women to live a purposeful life.  By believing on His Word and allowing Him to make her whole again; she was able to find consolation in Romans 8:28 and 1 Thessalonians 5:24. Monique knew for a fact, not only was God real, but His scriptures continue to be relevant, even for today’s generation. Monique truly believes the Spirit of God uses the Bible to change and transform lives, even in the most depraved situations. She understands without a shadow of a doubt, there is life even when we cannot see it!

With an Undergraduate degree in Women’s Studies and a Masters degree in Social Justice Education, Monique often speaks and teaches on the power of the cross- Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection; relating these truths to how this impacts who we are today and how we see ourselves as women of the 21 century.

“I am a lover of knowledge. I know it sounds quirky, but it’s true; the more I learn, the more I desire to know. Because of this, education has always been key to my understanding of myself and my place in this world. I desire to connect with women from all walks of life, seeking the truth of God’s Word and discovering the ways it can be applied to our lives. I want women to know God’s Word is real and it has purpose for each and everyone of us!” -Mo Chanbers

She enjoys spending time with her family and snuggling up with her dog. Monique continues to work on her incredible weakness for candy and anything sugary!



Rochelle tyme

Meet rochelle

Rochelle is a wife, mother, follower of Jesus and a lover of chocolate.

She is passionate about spreading the love and compassion of Christ. Her message is filled with hope, accompanied by a strong desire to see women live in health and wholeness. As someone who has been in the pit herself; Rochelle has a genuine passion to see women experience Christ’s freedom, completely and fully!

Her love for the word of God led her to Bible College over 10 years ago where she received a diploma of Christian ministry. She also has a Bachelor of Religious Education in Counselling, which has equipped her with many practical tools to help women overcome barriers in their life. Healthy marriages are also dear to Rochelle’s heart and she has had the opportunity to work in premarital and couples counselling.

Rochelle has had a heart for ministry since her teenage years and has been involved in various ministries within the local church. She has gained much experience working as Children’s Director, Youth Pastor, Young Adult minister, Prayer counsellor, as well as many other ministries. Unfortunately, the experience in church ministry was not all glorious and the demands of others resulted in burnout several times. This left her with a host of health problems, including depression and anxiety that she has since overcome.  Walking in God’s freedom and learning to live a balanced life is close to Rochelle’s heart for herself as well as others.

“Through this blog it is my desire to share my moments of struggle with you and encourage you on your journey, through God’s word and practical teaching. I love to meet people ‘where they are at.’ God desires for you to live in balance and in freedom! Everyone is at a different stage in life, but we are all on a journey! Enjoy YOUR Journey and make it the best one for you!” -Rochelle Tyme

Rochelle strives to inspire positive change, not only in the spiritual aspect but in the mental and physical as well. Rochelle’s education in Holistic Nutrition has given her an immense desire to teach others about pursuing a healthy lifestyle and the benefit that has on our entire being.